Easy Dab Vape Pen (No Cartridge)


Comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers any manufacturer defect. (ex. Stops charging, heating cartridges, stops working). Contact our customer support if you are having any problems.

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The Easy Dab battery is a very convenient way to take a dab on the go. This is one of 2020’s best vape pens.
It’s easy to use, rechargeable, and discreet.
5 Clicks to Activate battery on / off
Press the button and lightly inhale to take a toke of the cartridge
Press the button 3 times rapidly to change the voltage

Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty to cover any failures in the product.

For use with our liquid gold cartridges, we recommend using low or medium voltage and to take small puffs or a light constant pull.
If you use high voltage and hard inhaling pressure you will draw too much distillate into the coil which could flood it and cause it to come out of the mouthpiece.

WARNING: With the stick vape be careful to avoid putting somewhere it can be snapped or broke in half. (Ex. Jeans pocket and when you sit down you have the chance to snap the cartridge in the vape.

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Matte Black, Silver, Gun Metal


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