Fuzzy Peaches 100 MG THC Gummies


Fuzzy peach candies that contain 20 MG of THC per candy. The perfect summer edible to fulfill your sweet tooth and cannabis craving.


There are two size options
5 pcs of 20 ML THC Gummies. (100 MG THC)

10 pcs of 20 ML THC Gummies. (200 MG THC)

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These are a Cannabis infused Fuzzy Peach flavored candies. These Cannabis candies help in stimulating the mind, and the body. They can reduce anxiety, help with pain relief, inflammation, nausea, insomnia and leave you feeling euphoric after consuming them! They are sweet and sour in taste as they contains glucose syrup, sugar, sodium citrate, fatty acids, artificial and natural flavors.

Note: Everyone has different levels of tolerance when ingesting THC. So start with lowest dose and work your way to desired effects.


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10 pcs, 5 pcs


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