Buy Concentrates Online in Canada

Marijuana concentrates allow you to level up your experience with cannabis, as they offer much higher concentrations of cannabinoids (marijuana’s active compounds) than flowers, edibles, and other forms of consumption. Concentrates can contain anywhere from 60% to 96% of the active ingredient (CBD or THC). They typically come in the form of oil, crumble, shatter, budder, or wax. There are plenty of ways to use marijuana concentrates, but most users consume it through dabbing, which means flash-vaporizing a small portion of the concentrate in a special “dab” rig. Alternatively, you can use a vaporizer pen with a concentrate-dedicated chamber to enjoy their potency, therapeutic effects, and an incredibly pleasant aroma and flavor.

If you haven’t taken any concentrates before, we recommend starting with low doses and wait to see how it affects you to determine your tolerance level. Enjoy, but responsibly!